As soon as the lavender is ready to be harvested we begin holding lavender wreath making classes at the farm. For a fee of $50 you can sit down under the shade and our instructor will impart her wreath making knowledge with good humor and a glass of lavender lemonade. The results are impressive to say the least. Obviously there is little chance of running out of fresh lavender as we are always available to cut more for the class if the students get a little carried away.

Wreath Making

Paint & Sip

There is an old adage that says if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is… Paint and Sip sounds that way but it really is a thing! Come and see us in the evening, after the visitors are gone and local artist Ashley Mendes will sit with a small group and demonstrate how to paint in acrylics. It’s a bit more interpretive than paint by numbers but it requires no previous painting experience! A selection of local wines and nibbles are on hand to feed your hidden creative side.

Dinner in the Lavender

Our first dinner was in June 2018, and it was incredible! There is something entirely surreal about dining in the middle of a field of lavender! We had intended to tread lightly and have one dinner in June and a second in July in 2018. Sadly, smoke from wildfires put an end to our dining season after the first event. Please check back here for information on when we will be able to resume these great events in conjunction with the incredible Truffle Pig Craft Kitchen .

Booking a Service or a Class

Events at the Farm

Events at the farm are held in June and July when we are open to the public. We try to expand the range of events each year and usually have “Dinner in the Lavender” dates and workshops with wreath making classes. Our Paint & Sip evenings are a great evening adventure with Ashley Mendes. Below are some examples and pictures of past events.

Previous Years Events

Videography by Harry Grindrod
The Rogue Valley never seems bigger than when you have to drive from one side to the other. To make our products more accessible we bring our products to you, or rather to your local farmers and growers markets or even local events. The table below will let you know what is going on and when we will be in your neck of the woods for markets or shows. Please check back now and then as this list is updated regularly.

Events All Over

Visiting the Farm

Summer of 2023 was wonderful and, while the temperatures were a little on the high side, there was less smoke in the valley from wildfires than I can recall in the last ten years. The lavender came into bloom about a week late and was was ready to harvest about a week early! Overall a compressed season to be sure. We are enormously grateful to the visitors, new and returning who came to our little patch of purple and brought family and friends and enjoyed the sights and smells that only lavender can provide in such abundance.
If you would like to book an event during our summer season (June & July) we have a number of fun things to do. Our booking page currently accepts bookings for one service and four classes. Photography session An evening session where photographers can bring clients for photoshoots. Sessions start before the ‘golden hour’ when the farm is closed. Wreath Making Sit on our patio with an instructor and learn to make a wreath. We will provide all of the supplies you need and plenty of fresh-cut lavender. Book for an individual or a party! Paint & Sip Evening An evening to come with friends and take instruction on creating a lavender themed painting. We will provide art supplies and an instructor, wine & snacks. Suitable for complete novices, this is a fun evening. Lavender Themed Pottery Painting Class Join us at the lavender farm for a pottery painting class with local artist Benjamin Wood. Choose your favorite: stemless wine goblet, bup, cup, bowl, plate, ladle holder, mug... and set off on an empowering and fun artistic adventure together! Food or beverage not included in the ticket price