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Why Farm Lavender in The Applegate?

You may ask why farm lavender in the Applegate?Why Farm Lavender in The Applegate?

We realised several years ago that the rich micro-climates in Southern Oregon, but particularly in the Applegate valley were very similar to those seen in the Luberon in the South of France where lavender grows in abundance.  The Applegate valley was already home to many highly successful wineries; the region is generally higher, much warmer and significantly drier than in other parts of the state which lends itself to nurturing high quality French grape varieties. It occurred to us that this area would also lend itself to growing high quality lavender plants for the same reason. The Applegate valley has long hours of summer sunshine and the soil is well drained and perfect for lavender plants which do not like “wet feet”.  The winters in the Applegate can be cold but Angustafolias (English Lavenders) in particular are cold-hardy and actually like cold temperatures to produce the best flower heads. Our gut feel has been proven by the number of lavender farms which have since appeared in the valley.