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Lavender Wand Making Instructions

Making Lavender Wands is quite straightforward but does need a little patience - give it a go though, because the end result is quite marvelous and you will feel a great sense of achievement!

Allow yourself about 40 minutes to do your first wand. Be very forgiving of yourself… like all skills, this one improves with practice. Remember - lavender is calming...

Lavender Wand Making InstructionsFirstly take 13 or more (must be an odd number) fresh stems of lavender each to be at least 12 inches tall. Select 3 yards of pretty satin or other ribbon - 1/4 inch wide is best. Strip away all the leaves from the stems. The suppleness of the stem is important to the success of wand making. Harvest the lavender early in the day, and make sure that the flowers are not damp. Don't try to use dried stems - they will simply snap when you try to bend them.

Line up the bottom of the flower heads and tie them gently together with the end of the 3 yards of ribbon. 





Lavender Wand Making InstructionsTurn the bundle of stems upside down and gently bend each stalk down around the blossom heads. You can facilitate this step by scoring the underside of the stem section that is being bent with your fingernail. When all of the blossoms are “in a cage of stems” the long end of the ribbon should be pulled out of the cage and the short end tucked inside. 

Line up all of the stems evenly around the blossoms, making sure that they do not overlap. This is very important and a little extra time making sure this is right will save you any frustration later on. 





Lavender Wand Making Instructions

Start to weave the ribbon under and over the stems. Gently pull on the ribbon to make sure the weave is tight. The most difficult part of this process is in the first two rows of the weaving. On the second row you should be going under the stems that you had gone over on the first row.  You are aiming for a nice even weave where the ribbon is neat and tight and the stems creating a kind of basket effect.






Lavender Wand Making InstructionsContinue weaving until you have covered all the flowers. You can use a stem of lavender to push any buds that stick out back into the weave or rub them off. Wrap the ribbon around the “neck” of the wand and tie a slip knot. 







Lavender Wand Making Instructions

Trim the stems to the same length and continue to wrap the stems over and over until you reach the end. Use a rubber band to secure the ribbon to the end of the stem. After the stems have dried and shrunk, you can rewrap the ribbon and glue the ends. 







These wands will last for years and continue to give off a soft lavender aroma - they are great to place in your sock drawer but some feel they are too pretty to be hidden away.

If you ever want to "refresh" the fragrance just give the cage a few gentle squeezes and it will be good as new again.