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Pretty Lavender Sachets

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$5.00 Each
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Our lavender bags are hand sewn with an authentic Provencal printed material. The fabric is 100% cotton;  reminiscent fields of lavender, sunflowers, cicadas, summerhouse curtains, idyllic days at the seaside... The Provencal fabrics depict lavender on bright backgrounds so typical of the South of France.

The bags are made here on the farm and filled with our own fragrant dried English lavender buds.  The bags are sold singly or tied together with pretty satin ribbon in threes.

They each measure about 5" x 3 3/4",

Lavender sachets are wonderful for:

•  Scenting closets and drawers
•  Placing beneath your pillow for sweet dreams
•  Calmness and relaxation
•  Keeping the moths away

They make beautiful hostess gifts for friends and family

These sachets are great for your drawers and to hang in your closets. I have one in my closet and really like the gentle fragrance it leaves on my clothes. One in my underclothes drawer that makes me feel fresh and that just washed scent. Love the different designs on the fabrics and the generous size.


I am a repeat customer for ordering these sachets. They are so pretty and generously filled. I have them everywhere!


Sight unseen online order. I received generously filled sachets with that wonderful smell. Love the pretty fabric!


This was one of the very first English Lavender Farm products that I discovered. My daughter was not a great sleeper, so the lovely owner suggested I slip this under munchkins pillow at night. She loved it and sleeps with it every night. These are also perfect for your drawers, car, gym bag, and purse. As the buds are crushed they release a subtle soothing smell. They also come in beautiful patterns. They make great gifts and stocking stuffers!

Thursday Market Mom
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