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Lavender Infused Raw Honey

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This honey is pure romance... soft, sweet and sensual. The honey is from Applegate bees who feed on lavender and other florals to create a beautiful honey  We infuse the honey with our own English Lavender essential oil for several weeks to produce a delicate lavender taste.  

Honey is sold in 8 oz glass canning jars and is best enjoyed within a year. As with all raw honey, you will find that it will start to crystallize after a few weeks-this is normal.  To return the honey to a liquid state you can gently warm the jar on a sunny windowsill.  We do not recommend that you heat the honey in the microwave or by boiling as you will lose some of the "goodness" that way.

Our honey tastes amazing spread on toast, drizzled over ice cream or yogurt or when used to sweeten tea. It also makes for a beautiful gift!

This honey is so delicious! I began using it in tea, but then would often just put it in warm water for a nice soothing drink.


I was first introduced to this amazing honey last year when I visited the gardens. I am so glad it is available on-line since I can't get to the gardens this year. In addition to eating it by the spoonsful, on toast, and in tea, I used it in the white chocolate fudge I made for the holidays. My friends raved about the delicate flavor!




This honey is so delicious. I used it in tea and it added such a unique flavor. The hints of lavender really paired well in the Jasmine. I have also used the honey on toast, YUM!

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