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Culinary Lavender

0.25oz Jar
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$8.00 Each
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Customer Reviews (2)

Our English Lavender (Angustafolia) has a light, sweet, almost minty taste which is perfect for making sweet desserts or for adding to rubs for savory dishes.

Our Culinary Lavender is grown naturally without the use of pesticides or fertilzer and is hand harvested at the peak of blossom for maximum flavor and color.  We hand clean all our culinary lavenders to ensure maximum quality.

You can use it whole or grind in an herb grinder.

Each jar is bottled and sealed here on the farm to guarantee freshness.

My Organic Coconut Lavender Macaroons MUST have their top notch lavender! Smooth, mild, yet just present enough- delicious!


LOVE this. Ive bought culinary lavender before from other places but none of it has been as clean as this. No need to pick out sticks and leaves, you can just use it right out the jar. Lavender is also much sweeter than others. Only downside is the size of the jar - wish they made a bigger one.

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